A spectator’s Ready to eat meal

An old note few thoughts written on the day a common man became chief minister of a state, i was about to delete this draft then i changed my mind and thought of publishing it as it…

written 15 days back

Today is a historic day . It is about an Oath Taking ceremony happened elsewhere in new Delhi , capital of the country. Why it is historic? Because this time a common man like anyone of us, who does not belong to any big or even small party, has been chosen by people to be Chief minister of New Delhi. His motto , nation and public service and corruption free country. Every body knows how he was challenged to join politics and then dared to pass the bill he was fighting for. Nobody believed , he could actually do that. But today we saw he actually did that in one year and he will continue to fight this war. Meanwhile elsewhere in Bangalore a spectator is watching this show on TV. A spectator who hates the word politics and never liked to see or read a news about it. A spectator who did not have any hope from the political class and only believed in living his life with his family, keeping him self engaged in the work and challenges of life. For this spectator politics is a game of power and money ,not about nation service ,so this spectator stays away. But this spectator somehow knows that country could have been served better by better people, but this spectator is habitual of ready to eat meal. He does not like to cook it. No inclination of doing the hard work of taking pain to cook all the dishes. He would love to sit at dinner table once food is ready. May be this spectator is too lazy or selfish ,there is already too much in the plate that he does not have time for anything else.


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